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Excelling in International Financing by offering companies Access to competitively priced financing

MTTrust Financial Services, a leading international business banking company based in São Paulo, Brazil, offers a full range of international services. Our clients gain access to several worldwide banks in many countries thought our global partnerships. We offer comprehensive and competitive financial solutions for exporters and importers, while maintaining a relationship-oriented approach to business worldwide. Our staff is multilingual and is experienced in all aspects of International Trade Finance Services. We provides assistance in structuring short and long term financing through a number of selective American Private Banks, for companies which needs to import capital goods, machines and equipments, components and raw materials manufactured in USA and as well in several other Countries.


Competing in today´s global markets depends upon a company´s access to inexpressive financial resources. MTTrust Financial Services stands out in the world trade finance, because of our ability to offer companies, like yours, access to extended, convenient and competitively priced financing. Our ability to excel in international financing resolves around our commitment to meet the sophisticated needs of our business customers. Importers of capital goods, equipments, components, raw materials or commodities will benefit from MTTRUST expertise in building competitive financing programs and our ability to facilitate and expedite the borrowing process at the Exporters Credit Agencies – EXIMBANK – ECA. In addition, we strive to maintain a personal, relationship-oriented approach to doing business.


MTTrust Financial Services provides our business clients with an experienced approach to gaining the best financing alternative. The assistance provided we have available, will help you each step of the way and facilitate the process approval. Your company will have the added assurance of:
* Attractive financing resources with fixed or variable rate options.
* Competitive and extended repayments terms.
* Unsecured financing (no collateral is required.)
* Long term benefits and growth potential (expand production and improve efficiency.)


MTTrust Financial Services adds value to your import purchase transactions. With the ability to access the necessary financial resources at globally competitive terms, imports gain greater control over debt management, while increasing production and improving efficiency. Loans are generally structured as follows:
* Short and medium term direct loans to buyers of capital equipment, components, raw materials, spare parts and components, commodities and finished goods for re-sales.
* Loans can be denominated in US Dollars or case by case in other hard currency.
* Attractive repayment terms extending up to 7 years or more.
* No prepayment penalties and simple documentation.
* Grace periods for installation and setup of equipment.
* $300,000 minimum loan amount.

For additional information, please call us at 5511 34437744 or E-mail: eximbank.eca@mttrust.com  Our Trade Finance Officers will be more than glad to serve you!


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